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Einat Sukenik

CEO of TradeSquare

Einat Sukenik is the CEO of TradeSquare – Australia’s fastest growing wholesale marketplace for Australian businesses. TradeSquare is democratising the wholesaling industry to give Australian SME’s access to a digital platform which helps them to become more productive – whilst supporting the local economy and enabling economic recovery.

In less than one year – Einat has grown the team at TradeSquare from 0-30 staff and advisors + partnered with companies like AWS, Zip Co & Mirakl to now host over 1,000+ Australian brands on the TradeSquare platform.

Einat is an entrepreneur with a plethora of international experience gained with some of the world’s leading technology and telecommunications providers. Einat is a data-driven and innovative strategic planner with a deep understanding of strategy best practices underpinned by a master’s in science, majoring in engineering and management.

Einat will share some of her insights into the world of digital wholesaling and the trends that she is seeing from Australia’s early adopters and how utilising a ‘platform strategy’ translates through to long-term benefits for shareholders.

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