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Dominique Lamb

CEO of the National Retail Association

Dominique Lamb is the CEO of the National Retail Association – an employer union that represents over 32,000 retail stores. 

She has extensive experience in providing industrial relations and employment law advice to small, medium and large businesses across a range of different industries and she is an advisor to local, state and federal governments on all areas of policy that affect retail businesses. 

Dominique is also: 

  • President of Women’s Legal Services 

  • Chair of Dancing CEO’s (a fundraiser for Women’s Legal Services) 

  • Chair of Retail Doctor Group 

  • Board Member of National Online Retail Association (NORA Network) 

  • Committee Member various forums at local, state & federal level 

As a passionate advocate of victims of domestic violence and diversity inclusion – Dominique will talk about some of her industry experiences and discuss some opportunities for businesses in the modern era.

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